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Result Tomorrow : Simply a hoax !

The reason this post is made is that we got tremendous number of questions via calls and messages asking us whether the result date is tomorrow or not. And, we really weren’t able to accompany those queries individually. But we guess that this post will answer everyone question as a whole. As the delay in the publication of the result …

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HSEB Result : Fake Rumors

We started getting some odd messages and mails citing that the HSEB examination paper of the Board exams conducted at the start and mid-Baishak for Grade 12 and Grade 11 respectively were destroyed due to heavy rain. This seems to be a kind of weird for us since the paper are much protected and guarded at least until the publication …

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HSEB Scholarship Results

HSEB had published this year scholarship holders name for Kathmandu valley on Ashar 31st and the details of the students who got their name listed in the various categories of the scholarship are given below :  

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