Friday , August 18 2017
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35 long days for re-totaling ? [HSEB +2 Science Result]

It seems weird, HSEB, the prestigious educational board for +2 educations, playing with student’s future and career. Firstly, they fail to publish error-less +2 science result. Secondly, they proudly blame their system for the fault without a single mark of shame on their face. Thirdly, they try to run away from accepting their fault and carelessness. Fourthly, they defer application …

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Result Tomorrow : Simply a hoax !

The reason this post is made is that we got tremendous number of questions via calls and messages asking us whether the result date is tomorrow or not. And, we really weren’t able to accompany those queries individually. But we guess that this post will answer everyone question as a whole. As the delay in the publication of the result …

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HSEB Result : Fake Rumors

We started getting some odd messages and mails citing that the HSEB examination paper of the Board exams conducted at the start and mid-Baishak for Grade 12 and Grade 11 respectively were destroyed due to heavy rain. This seems to be a kind of weird for us since the paper are much protected and guarded at least until the publication …

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Education Scam – Only blame or the truth ?

Rudra Pandel a  software engineer and the founder of Deerwalk, D2Hawkeye (now known as Verisk Health) and DWIT stated, EDUCATION SCAM: It is so SAD that Government of Nepal allows people to distribute foreign degree in Nepal by giving permissions to few jokers to open colleges like British College and Islington College and more. They affiliate with no name rotten university …

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