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Facebook Cuts iOS Crash Rate by 50%

Now, many people are already aware of the popular networking site i.e Facebook since its the most commonly used networking site all over the world. For the past few years, its been a global phenomenon. It has been a mean for people not to just connect with each others, but it has changed many lives as well. And due to …

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The New Bulletproof Mercedez Benz Sedan

Mercedes-Benz’s latest luxury vehicle is in a resistance class by itself. It looks stylish and certainly lives up to its name.The company unveiled its ultra-tough S600 Guard sedan, which has a fully bulletproof body and can withstand great impact. But, it looks like a normal Mercedez Sedan, if u look closely from outside. According to the company, the car’s armor …

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Facebook Switches The Messenger App

If you might have noticed and have not been using the Messenger App, then you might not have much time till your message disappears from The Facebook App. A Facebook spokesperson told that many people were noticing the change on Wednesday. But still this minor change have not affected the mobile users who use Facebook through mobile. The change will …

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Google Removes ‘Bomb Gaza’

There have been many incidents of violent games with their violent contents which have created controversy. But such games are popular among the youth as the youth are fond of violence and adventure. But sometimes, there are some games which takes the content way too far. This act actually happened recently. Bomb Gaza was an app which could be downloaded …

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NASA Finds “impossible” engine may be usable for space flight

The roots of the propulsion system tested by the NASA team trace back to a British researcher named Roger Shawyer, who claims that his “Em Drive” generates thrust by rocketing microwaves around in a chamber. There is no need for propellant, as solar power can be used to produce the microwaves. It’s really starting to look as if an “impossible” …

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