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Beyond the Obstacles – An Interview with Saurav Karki

Opportunities come to those who work for it, not to those who ask for it.– Saurav Karki Saurav Karki, the guy who has embraced all hardships in life and still excelled. Since his birth, he has lived a physically challenging life, making him difficult to talk, stand, walk, write or do any other physical activities due to a “Cerebral Palsy”. …

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An interview with Shashank – Assistant Manager at Pathao

The hottest topic of the town has been issues surrounding Pathao and Tootle with the recent action by Nepal Traffic Police. The organization also went on to say that these business in operation aren’t functioning in legal term and should be put to stop until regulations are formulated around the same. With the current situation, Elisha Kharel, conducted a direct …

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Tootle/Pathao Vs Government: Are consumers the greatest looser?

Before we get into any detail, let’s first know a bit about both these companies (Tootle and Pathao) and their mode of operation. They connect the riders (ones with either a motorbike or scooter) to the consumer who needs to move from a location to another through the mobile application. In doing so, the customer is charged a distance-based price …

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Kathfest 2019 being organized on Jan 13-14

Kathfest 2019 is the two-day annual festival (program) organized by students of Kathford College of Engineering and Management to provide a platform for aspiring youths to showcase theirs talent. This year, it’s happening on January 13 and 14 at Kathord College, Balkumari, Lalitpur. The festival is mostly focused on the technical side and includes of more than 18 events. Kathfest …

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70th Human Rights Day: What is Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)?

Kathmandu, December 10th It’s become 70 years since United Nations(UN) adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on December 10th 1948 under General Assembly Resolution 217 A.  According to the Guinness Book of World Records, document has been translated to most languages (to more than 500 language) and is one of the most influential documented agenda promising to empower all …

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