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Narendra Modhi’s mannequin burnt to protest against Indian intervention

Various student union and people around the country have burnt Narendra Modhi’s mannequin remaining unseen from the police. Protesters say that India though self-proclaimed itself as one of the biggest Loktantrik country doesn’t actually value it. Nepal passed its constitution with more than 90% of the parliament member voting for it but India doesn’t seem to even welcome it instead they are happy to …

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Student’s protest against India with banner reading ‘BackOffIndia’

India’s continued dissatisfaction towards Nepal’s constitution and its threatening press release to make 7 changes to Nepal’s prolonged constitution hasn’t been received well in the Himalayan nation. India has now moved a step further by not allowing any cargos to cross past their border and enter into Nepal instead they have created a queue of over 10km already. To protest such act of India, citizens of …

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India has undeclared blockade on everything except a cargo of ‘banana’: DPM Bamdev Gautam

India’s strange reaction post-constitution continues with 3 day road blockage so far caused from the Indian side. No vehicles loaded with supplies are given permission to get pass the customs and enter into Nepal border from where Nepal army or the police force are to take it to the desired location. In a program Nepal’s Deputy Vice Prime Minister Bamadev Gautam said that, …

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#BackOffIndia tops Twitter as India’s reaction draws more anger

India’s second press release within 24hrs. stating dissatisfaction towards Nepal’s new Constitution has not been received well here in Nepal with masses already expressing their dissatisfaction in social media sites including Twitter and Facebook. Hashtag ‘#BackOffIndia’ has seen over hundred thousand tweets in twitter and Facebook. People are expressing their anger towards the political stance of India. Narendra Modi, current prime minister of …

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Nepal spends 32 billion to finally get it’s new Constitution

Amidst a grand program, Nepal has finally got it’s new constitution after years of wait and lots of money invested. The new constitution is finally made public on 20th September, 2015 which paved the way for the current CA to turn into Legislature-Parliament to continue any further tasks which includes election of New Prime Minister within the next 7 days. The …

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