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Monkey Tried To Rob A Bank

INARUA-Many criminals planning and finally stealing such large amount of  money from bank and co-operate organizations does not sound amusing. But if wild animals were used for such purposes, now that sounds interesting, doesn’t it? This shocking incident actually happened in Sunsari’s headquarter, Inaruwa. One ‘Madari’ used his pet monkey which he trained for showing tricks near public roads, to …

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‘Serial killer’ arrested for murdering four women

In khotang on July 23 notorious ‘serial killer’, accused of murdering women after robbing them of their valuables, has landed into police net, finally. Gyanendra rai is accused of looting four women in Khotang, Udayapur and Sunsari districts and subsequently smothering them to death to destroy evidences But the police who targeted women, mostly aged, walking through quiet roads, from Triyuga-2 …

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To Those who turned Tri-Chandra’s Library To Ashes

On July 20, a tragic and terribly horrifying incident occurred at Tri-Chandra Campus. On that day, some unknown group of students torched the Tri-Chandra’s library to ashes because of the scuffle between two student councils. By now, many people from all over Nepal are aware of this horrendous incident. Many people were shocked and quite surprised by such classless action …

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CA dialogue committee agrees on 11 issues

On managing the political transition on Monday, the Constitutional Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee of the Constituent Assembly (CA) forged consensus. In the discussion held in the committee meeting on 48 issues on which the constitutional committee of the erstwhile Constituent Assembly had reached consensus, the political parties in the CA reached consensus on 11 issues. After talking to journalists …

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Manipal Hospital shut down

Cleaning staffers stopped their work in Pokhara- Manipal teaching hospital which is situated in Pokhara has shut down its services from Sunday following protests by hospital staffers. A notice was issued for the staffers to resume their work. But the staffers refused to resume their work until demand are fulfilled. On the same day, the chief executive officer, B.M.Nagpal, issued …

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