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Class 12 Chance Exam 2070 Stats

Class 12 Chance/Supplementary Exam 2070 Stats Total Number of Students Involved : 29.911 Passed out Students in Number : 25,715 Passed Out Percentage : 85.97% Examinee Whose Result is Cancelled : 0 Examinee Whose Exam was Cancelled : 2   To know how to view the result please follow the following link : https://news.tyrocity.com/hseb-supplementary-result-published/

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HSEB Grade 11 Result Rumors

We have got lots of posts, comments and messages asking whether or not the result of Grade 11 is to come out today (28th Nov., 2013). But the fact is the result of Grade 12 Supplementary is to be published today and it has been published already as well of whose details we have provided earlier. Some of the pages …

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HSEB Supplementary Result Published

Supplementary result of HSEB has now been published and will be shortly kept in  web by the official site of NTC and HSEB itself as well. Update: The result has now been kept in web as well. Please follow the following link to view your result: https://neb.ntc.net.np/

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CMAT Result Published

CMAT result which was conducted couple of days back has now been published. Please use the following pattern while viewing the reult : SDC/BBA-070-####  or NCC #### or as per your requirement/condition.  You can check your performance from the following link CLICK HERE TO VIEW RESULT  (mobile user)

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All about Class 12 Results and Exams – 2070

Today, it’s been almost around a month since the publication of the results of Science faculty of Grade 12. And thus, peoples’ level of tolerance has already crossed it’s margin for the result of the remaining faculty of Grade 12, which is quite understandable. Many of the entrance exams are postponed every week in the wait of this result. People …

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