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GPA 4.0 doesn’t mean you topped in SLC

There seem to be lots of confusions going on and people are claiming them to be SLC topper with GPA score of 3.8, 3.9, 3.95, 4.0 and several other. But with the removal of percentage based system from this year. It’s not really possible to say who actually topped the examination. Here is a sample mark sheet of a student who obtained …

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SLC Talk: Who can give chance exam and when is it?

Students aren’t compelled to have to give chance exam if they don’t like to and meet the min. criteria to study further. But if they wish to increase their grade score in the subject they couldn’t do well, they are provided with the chance to do so.  There is a catch, though, Any students who got D or E or between these grades can …

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GPA, Grade and Subjects you can choose to study further

You need to have a GPA above a certain point (varies as per the Science, Management, Humanities or any other stream you opt to go with) and also have to secure above the so set grade scale to study further in Grade 11 and 12. Here is the image showing the full list of it: Here is an example of a scenario: …

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Explaining GPA (SLC result)

Wondering what actually is difference or relation between percentage, GPA, grade points? GPA or Grade Point Average is calculated by taking the number of grade points a student earned in a given period of time divided by the total number of credits taken (4, here). For every subject a total of 128 clock hrs. is the time that a student must …

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SLC Result 2016 Stats

Check out the full stats of SLC Result for 2016 below: Image showing the no. of students in each GPA level and other stats both for regular and exempted category. Image Source: Teach for Nepal facebook Page The result was published with a new system in place for the first time for the results of School Leaving Certificate (SLC). Students are …

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