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TyroCity.com Second Weekly Test final result published

Second weekly test which was conducted for 2 days in row i.e. on Friday and Saturday came to an end now with more than double the number of students who took the exam on the very first week. And unlike previous test, this test ran for 2 full days and here we present the complete nationwide result (for top 250 …

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TyroCity.com Second Weekly Test Day-1 result published

Online Entrance Preparation weekly test run between 6AM – 9PM by TyroCity.com came to an end now with active participation of more then 900 students and the RESULTS are now published with the inclusion of top 25 of each category. THIS SAME TEST WILL CONTINUE FOR TOMORROW AS WELL AND COMPLETE NATIONWIDE RESULT WILL BE PUBLISHED LATE TOMORROW. View the …

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Entrance Result published for TyroCity.com

The very first weekly test conducted by TyroCity.com has come to an end today at 9o’clock, after running for full 15 hrs. as promised earlier. The test saw the participation of over 500 students and this is one of inspiration motivating us to move ahead with what we are doing. Here we provide you with the top 25 students for …

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