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Akshay Kumar Sings in ‘Entertainment’

Many superstars have sung in their upcoming film and it’s really becoming a popular trend among Bollywoord superstars. Among the superstars who have already sung, a new actor is going to be added to this list. And he is none other than the Superstar Akshay Kumar. After the success of his film “Holiday”, his next film “Entertainment” is going to …

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Your Daily Horoscope (September 12)

Aries There could be some confusion, discord, and upset in the air today. There may be arguments and misunderstandings among friends and family. Try not to add fuel to the fire. If a person is getting a little hot under the collar, just listen. Be understanding and empathetic instead of trying to prove that you’re right, especially if you are! …

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Your Daily Horoscope (September 11)

Aries Today’s a good day to work toward the goals you’ve set, Aries. The aspect of the day influences your ability to focus on the necessary steps to achieve what you want. No goal is too big! Each step you take toward it will give you focus and improve your life. As time goes by, you’ll discover that what previously …

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Your Daily Horoscope (September 10)

Aries You might feel like doing something different today, Aries. Everyone needs a break from the regular grind and this is a good time to try something new. Perhaps you feel like varying your routine. If this is your day off, you might spend the day doing whatever strikes your fancy. Try a new wardrobe style. Go to a movie. …

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Your Daily Horoscope (September 9)

Aries A sudden desire for independence from the confines of a job, stagnant home life, or relationship that isn’t working could seem irresistible right now, Aries. You might have some outrageous ideas for changing jobs, moving, or finding a new partner. These ideas might be more workable than they seem, but this isn’t the day to make decisions. Wait a …

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