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Facebook: A Friend or an Enemy?

Facebook is a popular networking site and billions of people use Facebook daily. More than thousands of people are online in a second. Facebook has really been revolutionary in the past decade and it has changed many lives. Photo sharing and connecting with people have been made easier due to Facebook. Surely, every people have a Facebook account and no one can’t resist but stay online but it’s not necessary that something you enjoy always have to be beneficial to you. Sometimes, it can be harmful for you as well.


There have been many news about cyber bullying and it’s mostly done through facebook. Many people upload their profile pictures and cover pictures without maintaining any privacy due to which any people could view their pictures. Plus, many people accept friend requests from the unknown people without thinking twice. Many people do it just to get popular or to be recognizable. Nowadays, it’s a growing phenomenon. Many people just upload pictures to get likes. And the one who gets likes are supposed to be “popular” or a “Facebook Celebrity” which is plainly ridiculous. Many people also tag their friends and even tell their friends to like their pictures. It’s just plainly ridiculous and totally absurd. It’s irritating as well. If you think about it, it’s more similar to an unknown caller from call service regularly phoning you to buy their products. How would you feel if a salesman keeps knocking at your door just to sell their products pleading you to buy. Exactly, that’s how we feel when someone tells us to like their pictures.


Even in Nepal, there are so many fake relationship status. I mean many people just stays in relation with someone just to be popular and to be the talk of the town. Even a 16 year old girl is getting engaged in Facebook. So,e girls also puts their relationship status with their girl friends just for the excitement. Some people take a lot of unnecessary selfies and post them. That much is okay but some take it to the next level by asking friends to like it and coment sweet things about them. Some people use status to express their views and nowadays status are just means for people to talk about their problems. Somebody post some private message on their wall like “I am sorry babe, I won’t do that again” and we all are thinking like can’t the guy just message the girl.

Nowadays, many people are able to create pages. And the creator of the pages can be admin and the so called admin of the pages are supposed to be cool. They promote their pages and invite people to like their pages so that their page could be most liked through which they could earn money or be popular. It’s as annoying as the silly game invites in Facebook. Many people might know what I’m talking about. Just think about it for a sec, you’re checking your notification and suddenly you see your “friend” in Facebook sending you an invite to play FarmVille. It’s annoying and seriously, who would play such games.


Many people also add people that they won’t chat. There are some people you might connect in Facebook and you two really get along but when you meet personally, its a different story. You don’t feel that chemistry when you chat. Hell! there are some people you might know in Facebook but when you two actually meet somewhere, then you both act like strangers. There was this time I was going to a park. And somehow a friend I knew in Facebook saw me, and at night she sent me a message saying she saw me. I asked her why didn’t she come to talk and she said how could she come. It’s totally absurd if you think so.


Let’s not talk about minor things. Let’s talk about some major crimes. Cyber bullying is a new crime which is trending nowadays in a bad way and it mostly happens through facebook. Many girls put their pictures in facebook without any privacy due to which anyone can view it. Many people use those pictures and mixes it with some naked body and post it online or they post such photos to them threatening that they will post it online. So then they threaten them to do some illegal things like asking for money or to have sex. It sounds disgusting and it just disgusts me while typing this but it’s the cold reality. Recently, in Nepal, a 30 year old Ram Kumar Syantwo downloaded pictures of a girl and misused them and threatened her. The girl complained the police and now he is finally caught. Now, he’s being sent to Kathmandu for further punishment. The investigation is still going on. This is just one news, there are many more.


Facebook might be popular and it does have it’s merits, but you must be careful and you must not be an “internet douche” . Don’t try to act cool in Facebook because being popular in networking site won’t get you popular in reality. There are some cases but those people have actually done something which makes them worthy, and your definition of being popular is getting more likes and staying in an unlimited relationship with someone. Also, to all the people, try to maintain your security in Facebook. Do not add unknown guys that you don’t know and don’t share your facebook password. Add only those people that you know and try to make your profile pictures as private as possible. Stay safe and surf safely in the internet!

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