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Wake Up HSEB [+2 Result]

+2 is the base for successful career. It determines the future of a student. It is the first step of maturity and the first step of struggle for life. +2 life and its results marks the destiny of a student. It can act as a guide to a glorifying beginning or a devastating end. Most of the +2 students are teens that are not matured enough or independent enough to have self motivation and self dependency. And that’s why, one single wrong step can somersault their life. It must be parents, teachers and educational institutions to help them, motivate them and make them strong and mature enough in any sort of difficulty. And they must be strong enough to fight against the wrong doers in the field of education of their child or student. But here arises a big question, what is in the hand of parents, teachers and institutions when educational boards like HSEB become the reason for a student’s failure? What is to be done when small mistake, carelessness and selfishness of prestigious board like HSEB is the reason for student to destroy their future? It seems hard to answer because no stern action has been taken into consideration on this concern. But it’s already too much. We are not destroying our future because of stupid technical problem of HSEB and HSEB cannot run away saying so. We aren’t shutting our mouth anymore. It’s time to seek for answers and it’s time for HSEB to give us our answers, not defer any appeal from any student about knowing the truth behind this sort of mess.

It’s really a matter of shame for HSEB to fail in publishing a clean and errorless result of +2 sciences. In the place of such intellectuals and scholars this kind of mess is unforgivable. We have heard and found proof about incidents where biology students who didn’t secure pass marks in mathematics (optional subject for bio students) are marked as fail. It is also found with proof that exam appeared students are marked as absent. More than that, a physical group student is found to be fail in biology (which they shouldn’t/didn’t attend). Things are moving far from pass, fail, with-held and dissatisfaction. There are also cases where exam appeared student’s symbol number is not in any of these lists. And when these sorts of problems are to be sorted out soon, HSEB is just trying to run away and delay their appeal. They are not even ready to hear and are just ignoring their request to recheck and are asking them to return after 10-15 days when things will have already got late. After results there were many students who seemed disappointed with the marks they have obtained. Every student knows their capabilities. They all know about their performance in their exams. And still there were many students who had a good expectation for their marks but were shocked when they saw their marks in the report later when the results were published. It was really a matter of shock when almost all of the students obtained low marks, way below than their expectation, especially in English and some other subjects as well.

When we had gone to HSEB for further details about these sorts of cases we were shocked as we found long line of students waiting to submit their application for retotalling. And to learn more, we asked a student: Why are you here? He replied “I am here because I had expected good marks in chemistry but my marks are comparatively low, so I have come here to submit application for retotalling”. And it is said that retotalling will take at least 35 days but no one is there in HSEB to understand that in those 35 long days, things will already have gone out of hands and those students will be left waiting while others will already have climbed another step of the ladder. It is such a disgrace to see students who had to be preparing for future courses and admission test in universities at home waiting in a long line to submit the application for retotalling at HSEB. It’s more of a disgrace to see HSEB officials smiling and collecting these applications and retotalling fee with a pride and no mark of shame in their face.  It’s too much of carelessness and ignorance of HSEB now. They cannot escape saying it was our system fault and will not be repeated again. How long will student suffer? We are not fools and we are not just going to wait and watch now. It’s time to change the immorality of HSEB and being such a prestigious educational board of the country it’s the job of HSEB to correct those mistakes and never repeat them again.

Operation : HSEB Result [Case Study – With Proof] View Students’ Reaction to +2 Science Result 35 long days for re-totaling ? [HSEB +2 Science Result]

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  1. you are right,instead of motivating us,they are pushing us toward depression,college want our money and just the high percentage so that they can advertise themselves proudly infront of new students, they don’t think about, a child future and i think they must admit it :/

  2. Seriously, I am still pissed off by the way HSEB handled this result. What’s the most depressing thing of it all? Well, for starters, when the result is already in your hand, your parents tend to trust the result over your own opinion on the fairness of the result. Then there’s self deprecation. You know that the result you have isn’t yours but you start to doubt yourself. No, matter how much you tell yourself that this couldn’t have been your result, admit it, there’s a small part in you that wants to doubt yourself.

    The education system needs a complete and absolute overhaul. The way I see it, the education sector, among other is handled by incompetent people who barely knows what they’re doing. I am not implying that I could’ve done a better job. What I’m trying to say is that there are certainly better people out there. I mean we all have that one teacher who admits to have drunk-checked(figuratively) the papers but we also have those who do give a damn about the student’s future rather than making big money(for what they can) for signing record number of papers.

    The result was supposed to be what would establish me for further education/career. Well, didn’t work out that way. Let’s see what the future holds.

    Oh yes, they said retotalling takes 7-10 days so the 35 days thing is incorrect. I had to retotal one of my papers due to unimaginably low marks.

    tl;dr: HSEB Sucks!

  3. If HSEB is doing such carelessness…its better for student and college to take/give internal exam as final exam….atleast it will secure our future

  4. Maillot Argentine

    Very informative article post.Really thank you! Will read on…

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  6. Many thanks a whole lot for sharing!