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Your Daily Horoscope (August 18, 2017)


If there is something you need to fight for, this is the time to do it, Aries. For a while now you’ve been doing research on the best way to proceed. The time has come to take action. You have an extra boost of vitality, and your warrior instinct is strong. You feel like a volcano ready to expel boiling hot lava. Trust and follow your instincts.


You may not feel in the mood to fight today, Taurus. If someone challenges you, talk your way out of it. You will probably be able to win any battle with your words. Try sensitive reasoning instead of open combat. Listen carefully to the concerns of the opposing side and make your move accordingly. This isn’t a contest. It’s a conversation among friends.


Take pride in your nurturing instincts, Gemini. Rescue an injured bird or join a conservation group. Do something to help save the whales. Take a more active role in the preservation of the planet. Become a concerned citizen who regularly speaks out for what you believe in. Don’t let other people’s political agendas get in the way of your true purpose.


Something or someone may urge you to make a major move, Cancer. Be sure you make it in the right direction. Remember that strength lies in numbers. To conquer, people must unite. Factions of people continuing to fight among themselves only aggravate the problem. The key is to accept one another’s differences and work together on the larger issues that affect us all.


Your ego is strong today, Leo, and you have a strong will. This is a good time to put your plan for world domination into effect. Be sure you channel your powerful emotions into positive outlets. Create rather than destroy. Energy that isn’t used in a positive way will end up manifesting as accidents or hostility toward people who don’t deserve it.


Focus more of your power on your home and family life, Virgo. Take care of domestic issues and stick to household chores and duties. The more you do to your home, the more others will be inspired to pitch in and help. You may find it difficult to connect with certain people, so it might be best to give yourself some time alone.


Don’t be surprised if emotions flare up between you and someone close on a professional or social level, Libra. The issue may be difficult to resolve now. People feel rather sensitive. If they hear something they don’t like, especially an opinion that may seem too critical, they’re likely to shut down. You might want to consider saving anything of a sensitive nature for tomorrow.


People may be coming on strong, but you will be right there to meet them with an equally powerful rebuttal, Scorpio. The problem is, the person who confronts you is talking about apples and you’re talking about oranges. Get off your soapbox for a minute and listen to the real issue. Don’t get caught in misunderstandings or things could backfire later.


If something doesn’t make sense to you, Sagittarius, question it. Be strong and confident. Don’t let others take advantage of your sensitive and nurturing personality. Your general tendency is to give more than you receive, but this may leave you feeling depleted. Put an end to this cycle. Be conscious of how you distribute your energy. Do something for yourself.


Try to control your aggression, Capricorn. People are likely to be a bit more sensitive than usual. You can use your powerful nature in positive ways by turning your energy inward and conquering the demons within. It may feel like others are trying to put a monkey wrench in your gears, so be careful.


It’s time to be more aggressive regarding your needs, Aquarius. Think of your heart as a powerful muscle that needs a tough workout. You’ll want to surround yourself with positive people who believe in you and support your efforts. Pump yourself up with vitality and self-confidence. Make time for exercise and meditation. Bring more balance and harmony to your life.


You’re in the hot seat today, Pisces. Other people might put you on the spot for no apparent reason. This uncomfortable feeling could lead to tension if you overreact. Be careful that you have all the facts on the issue before you react. The whole situation may be a big misunderstanding. Maintain a level head tempered with kindness and respect.

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