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Your Daily Horoscope (October 23, 2018)


Pressures on the job may be mounting. You might feel so disgruntled that you want to chuck it all and run away. Foreign countries and distant states may suddenly seem far more appealing than usual. Maybe it’s a good idea to plan a vacation, Aries. The stresses you’ve been experiencing could adversely affect your health. You need to release them somehow. Give it some thought.



Demands made by friends, children, or the special person in your life might have you feeling like you’re moving in a dozen different directions at once. You may feel unfocused and scattered. You usually enjoy serving others, Taurus, but today you need to concentrate a little more on yourself. Show others how to help themselves and then go and do something you want to do. You deserve it!




A number of visitors, deliveries, service people, emails, or phone calls might keep you jumping today, Gemini, right when you’re in the mood for a quiet day. It may take all your effort to keep your cool. Try to get a family member to intercede for you with some of these people or you might lose your temper. In the evening, go to a movie and relax.


A close friend might pass along some seemingly harmless but nonetheless untrue gossip, Cancer. Don’t accept anything you hear today until you check the facts for yourself. Any information you receive is likely to be exaggerated if not totally false. You might find a lot of material on subjects that interest you – too much for you to read all at once, although you might wish you could!


You don’t normally tend toward frugality, Leo, but today you could go overboard with your spending. Frustration from all sides makes you want to release it all at once by acquiring new possessions. This is fine up to a point. Treat yourself, but take care that you curb the impulse buying. You don’t want to waste any time tomorrow taking unwanted items back to the store.


Some failures that you may have experienced over the past few days could have you beating yourself up today, Virgo. Perhaps you feel that you were too hasty or too sloppy and could have done things better. Don’t obsess over it. Figure out what went wrong, learn from it, and let it go. Too much negativity directed at yourself is likely to sabotage future efforts rather than help them.


Today you might be able to tune in to the thoughts and feelings of others, Libra, but you aren’t likely to know exactly how to handle the situation. Should you say something or just tailor your own behavior to suit the moods of others? Reflect on the situation before doing either. This is a great day to meditate or read books or attend lectures on spiritual matters.


Group activities are probably very much on your agenda today, Scorpio. You could go to a meeting or lecture and later go out on the town with a group of friends. Don’t be tempted to eat or drink too much. You’ll likely regret it tomorrow. An unexpected sum of extra money could come your way. Don’t spend it all in one place. This is a great day to concentrate on having fun – within limits.


Too much pressure on the job could have you feeling like chucking it all and going somewhere by yourself. You might be tempted to go on a spending spree or overindulge in food or drink. This may spill over into your personal relationships, causing disagreements with friends or family. It might be a good idea to be alone for a few hours, Sagittarius. You will feel much better once you clear your head.


Inner conflict regarding spiritual matters might have you questioning your and others’ beliefs. You might doubt just about everything, Capricorn, and you could be tempted into angry debates over different concepts. Books or TV documentaries on whatever is bothering you might spark your curiosity and calm you down a little. A legal matter might come to the forefront today. It’s a hassle, but it needs to be handled.


Although your financial situation appears to be on the upswing, you still might be feeling pessimistic and indifferent about money and life in general. You might want to soothe your discontent by overspending, overindulging in food or drink, or both. Don’t let this feeling get the better of you, Aquarius. Get together with some friends and have a good time. Treat yourself to a little something without going over the top!


A minor and rather silly quarrel with a friend or romantic partner could have you down in the dumps. This is an overreaction, Pisces. You might need to get away for a while before you can make sense of it all. Too many demands from others could have you feeling used, and you might be tempted to tell them off. Try to avoid others long enough to gain control of yourself.

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