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Your Daily Horoscope (October 26, 2018)


You tend to be pretty self-assured, Aries, but self-esteem issues dating from long ago could surface today. You might feel like a schoolchild called on to recite. This could cause a few snags in your relationships or interfere with your effectiveness at social occasions. Try to remain objective. Don’t lose sight of who you are. Don’t let old insecurity interfere with your effectiveness.



Today you might feel a bit bloated and slow, Taurus, which could interfere with your daily routine. You could also feel unmotivated about work. You might not feel like exercising, but it’s important that you do it anyway. Moving the body can clear your head and put you in the proper frame of mind to get on with your day. It can also help purge your tissues of all the excess toxins.




Today your job or another activity could require your artistic skills for a particular project, Gemini. You may not be used to this, so it could throw you into a bit of a panic. There should be others around who can collaborate with you, so you will be all right. A tendency to be overly emotional could interfere with just about anything you try. Stay centered.


A subject of interest that you’ve been pursuing could bring up some deeply buried emotions today, Cancer. You might want to retreat into your mind and try to make sense of it, although analyzing it intellectually may not be the answer. Avoid emotional confrontations. Things might be said that shouldn’t be said, and they won’t be easily forgotten. In the evening, see a movie full of special effects.


This could be a confusing day for you, Leo. Financial issues might be complicated by computer glitches or failures in communication. Keep pushing, however, and whatever you’re trying to straighten out will be resolved. An opportunity to participate in a project you’ve never tried before could have you doubting your abilities. Believe in yourself and then move ahead. There’s a first time for everything!


Financial issues might have you and your partner a bit more on edge than you need to be, Virgo. Perhaps money is tighter than usual right now, and you have to put off purchases you want to make. Try to work it out. This is a great day to reach a compromise in just about any touchy situation, because you should be in just the right space to see both sides of any issue.


Today your intellect is flying high, Libra. A number of new ideas, perhaps about political or social issues, might excite your curiosity and cause you to want to spend hours in the library or on the Internet. Mundane tasks still need handling, however. This might be frustrating, because it takes you away from your quest. If you get the basics done quickly, you can return without causing any undue guilt.


Your imagination is working overtime today, Scorpio, and you might spend hours at a computer writing or in front of an easel or piano creating your own brand of painting or music. This drive to create comes from the heart and shouldn’t be ignored no matter what other issues come up. Take care of whatever needs to be handled and then follow your inspiration. You may be surprised at what you produce!


A conflict between your responsibilities to family and obligations to friends could rear its ugly head today, Sagittarius. You might want to attend an event but need to deal with emotional issues in the home immediately. It could be difficult to keep a cool head under these circumstances. If you can, you should find a way to satisfy your family and go out. Step back and be objective!


Dissatisfaction with certain job conditions might come to a head today, Capricorn. A discussion with colleagues might be necessary to defuse a potentially explosive situation. Clear, honest communication is necessary in order to avoid misunderstandings. Try to remain objective. Don’t let your emotions take control. Things will work out to everyone’s satisfaction. The situation is temporary and unlikely to have lasting negative effects.


If you’ve been planning a long trip by air, Aquarius, today you might doubt whether you should continue with your plans. Money might be the issue. Be aware that your fears may run away with you. The situation may be more secure than it appears. You might want to attend a class or lecture, perhaps on computer science or some other technology. As with the vacation plans, try to view this objectively.


Today you might feel too overwrought to concentrate on whatever goals you’re trying to reach, particularly if they’re financial. Past issues might crop up at inopportune times but will still need to be released. If you aren’t careful, this could get in the way of just about anything you need to do. Keeping cool is the most important thing to remember.

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